Childrens Characters

I've entertained children at hundreds of events over many years at libraries, schools, resorts, malls and special events!  Here's some of my most popular characters....

Childrens Characters

Mother Goose


Mother Goose has delighted thousands of children with her special charm and talent.  She brings fun to any celebration with stories, songs, poems, face painting, balloons and smiles!!
Invite Mother Goose to your party today!

Mrs. Santa Claus


She's cute, she's funny and she's the most amazing 500-year-old lady you'll ever meet!
 (And boy, is she busy!!!)
Mrs. Claus regularly makes more than 100 appearances during the Christmas season throughout Arizona.  
(So call EARLY!!)

The Fairy Godmother


Make your little girl's dream come true by inviting, "The Fairy Godmother" to her party!!  Fun, magic, face painting, balloons and special surprises!

Sandy Sandwich the Clown


Sandy Sandwich the Clown has appeared at hundreds of parties and events over the last 20 years throughout Arizona, bringing fun to any celebration with balloon animals, face painting, songs, magic and laughs!

Cowgirl Jan


Yee Haw!!!  Cowgirl Jan brings a heap of fun to any event!  Stories, magic, audience participation and lots of rootin'- tootin' good times!
If you're hankerin' for some great Western fun - call Cowgirl Jan!

Daisy Bunny


What would Easter be with the Easter Bunny?  And what would the Easter Bunny be without - Mrs. Easter Bunny?!!
"Daisy Bunny" is her name and Easter fun is her game!
Great for parties, egg hunts and Easter celebrations of all kinds.  Stories, games, songs, magic, balloons, or face painting - Daisy does it all.  
Kids and grownups just love her and you will too!!

Wendy the Freindly Witch


Looking for some creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky entertainment for your Halloween party?  Invite Wendy the Friendly Witch and you'll get them all - and much, much more!  
Your guests with scream with delight when Wendy brings her special Halloween stories, face painting, balloons and magic to your big event.  
Wendy makes every party great!

Martha Washington


Bring History to life for your special event with -
Martha Washington:
America's first - First Lady!

You'll learn fun facts about U.S. Presidents,
the Flag, our money and more.  
Using magic, sing-a-longs and great storytelling...
Martha makes education FUN!!

Carrie the Carpenter



Learn how you can help to “Build A Better World” with Carrie the Carpenter!

Great stories, magic and fun with lots of audience participation!


The Gingerbread Lady


The Gingerbread Lady  is cooking up fun!  She brings stories, special baking magic, songs and fun to your birthday party!

Zelda the Fortune Teller


Zelda sees all and knows all!  Great fun for your party! Madame Zelda dazzles her visitors as she reads their cards and gazes into her crystal ball! Amazing!!!!

Sabrina the Scarecrow


Perfect for all those parties in the Fall Season!  Sabrina brings magic, music, stories, games and face painting to your party or event!!