Jan Sandwich

Actress - Singer - Children's Entertainer

Mother Goose
"... An exceptional way with children... one of the most talented entertainers of children I have ever worked with."
-Marketing Manager

Mother Goose has delighted thousands of children with her special charm and talent.  She brings fun to any celebration with stories, songs, poems, face painting, balloons and smiles!!
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   "Simona's face just lights up when she sees you!  The unique thing about you, is that you genuinely understand children.  Mother Goose goes beyond entertainment.  It's a fairy tale come to life and the children get to be part of the whole magical experience!  That's exactly what happened when we had Simona's 4th birthday party at our house.  Thank you for all the wonderful times!" - Susanna M.

  "As the Youth Services Coordinator for the Desert Foothills Library in Cave Creek, Arizona, I have asked Jan to be a part of our programming on a frequent basis.  Her delightful enthusiasm captures the attention of all ages, young and old alike.  She simply dazzles them!  She is absolutely our favorite children’s entertainer!" 
- Desert Foothills Library, Cave Creek, AZ

"A heartfelt thanks for your wonderful presentation!  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!  I loved the way you kept things moving and especially, that you involved each and every child.  You are MARVELOUS!!" - Prescott Valley Library, AZ